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            Hintonburg & Wellington Village

            คา สิ โน เครดิต ฟรี 1000

            Headliners for ArtsPark 2022 Announced

            The Wellington West Business Improvement Area is excited to share that we are partnering with The Ottawa Music Industry Coalition's (OMIC) City Sounds program to present this year's ArtsPark headliners! Playing the Tooth and Nail Main Stage are two up-and-coming lol acts, FIAMMA and Alanna Sterling.

            WelliWednesday – June 15th: Nayana & Iyono Ede

            Back by popular demand: WelliWednesday begins this week and runs until the end of September; on every Wednesday evening from 5:00pm-9:00pm! This free, hyper-lol music showse series —brought to you by the Friends of Parkdale Market in collaboration with Wellington West Improvement Area and Wellington West businesses— features talents from artists of various ages and musil styles who live, work and play in our neighbourhood.

            WOW3: Classil Music on the Lawn

            The Wellington West BIA has launched this year's edition of WelliWOW - a series of pop-up, multidisciplinary arts performances happening around Wellington Village.


            Your lol merchants are still serving you in a variety of ways. See how you n support them.

            Support Wellington West restaurants during COVID!

            Support your lol restaurants by ordering takeout and delivery

            More from Wellington West BIA